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E.-ATV Racing GmbH, which is a company managed by its proprietor, was founded in 2002 by Clemens Eicker in Neukirchen-Vluyn, Nordrhein-Westfalen. They are specialised in the development and production of high-quality quads. These kinds of vehicles, which had been offered on the market by then, were mostly manufactured in America or Asia. Although they didn't match the requirements of Clemens Eicker referring to manufacturing quality and ability to be used for racing sports, they enjoyed great popularity on local markets not only as sports equipment but also as a vehicle for leisure time and hobby. From the beginning E.-ATV decided on a partnership with the Austrian motorbike manufacturer KTM. The reliability of the motors and the high level of production were essential elements for Clemens Eicker and spoke in their favour. From the start these quads have been in great demand because of the combination of selected KTM serial parts and in-house development of E.-ATV. In 2003 the company presented the Extreme 950 and short after that the 990 and made, as the world's first quad manufacturer, a step in the direction "1-l-class" which they exceeded congruously with releasing the RC8 1190. In the subsequent years E.-ATV achieved numerous sportive successes in the categories Motocross, Enduro, Rally and Supermoto with not only national and international championship titles but also respectable positioning at the Rallye Dakar. Impressed by the great success, KTM charged in 2005 the German company with supporting the development of a KTM Quad. In 2008 the time had come: KTM released two models: the XC 450 and the XC 525. Nearly one year later they presented two further models: the SX 450 and the SX 505. And then in 2010 the unexpected "Game Over". KTM withdrew from the quad market. E.-ATV, however, kept on booming. Meanwhile the range of models comprised quads of 85 ccm up to 1195 ccm displacement with engines of the KTM models SX, EXC, LC-4 and LC- 8.When the American and Asian products started catching up noticeably with the quality of the German company in 2007, E.-ATV had already achieved the premium status. No other company could offer serial vehicles for such an all-round use and of such a high-quality like it always has been standard for E.-ATV. And even up to now! However, the quads from Neukirchen-Vluyn shouldn't only be suitable for racing sports but also for using on the public streets. That's why E.-ATV vehicles have always been up to the MOT regulations. In the beginning of 2009 E.-ATV expanded their production rooms which inured to the benefit of the motor and suspension sector. The long standing experience with KTM engines enables E.-ATV today to respond to the customers' requests - from the repair of the crank shaft to the point of the adaptation of the modern injection pumps.
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